How to solve KTM100 K-TAG KTAG Error: [e000079] customer code invalid?

KTM100 KTAG ECU programmer is the latest developed ECU programmer. Which software is 2.13 KTM100 version, Firmware is V7.003 version.

Compared with other K-TAG and KESS V2. This has the following advantages:

1) KTM100 software support recognize the ECU detailed type via ID automatically

2) Add more ECU models than other KSUITE version

3) ALL vehicles are shown on the same list, it is very easy for you to check the list.

and so on.

Recent days, one of our customer install the software ready, then get prompt like: “interface connected. Error: [e000079] customer code invalid.”


When you see this, please check these first:

1) GO to device manager to check if driver installed ready, see driver or not.

2) Internet is turned off. No anti-virus installed.

3) KTM100 connect with power adapter.

After check all things without problem. Disassemble the cover, you will find the TF card, insert the TF card to main unit again, to make sure TF card communicate the main unit successfully. Then problem will be solved.

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