How to solve no valid token file when you program KESS V2 tokens?

When your tokens for KESS V2 has final 8 or 9. Then you need to use the tokens programming file to add the tokens.

Some customer are confused with the tokens programming video. Here i will say something for the key point of the video:

First time you open the tokens programming file, when you import the tokens, it will give you prompt like “no valid token file ”


When you see this prompt, it means you need rename this file, change token1.tok to token2.tok, for next time, then token3.tok, for third time, then token4.tok. Everytime you program tokens, just change it to the next number. It support change for 100 times, after 100 times, just change another PC and change it from 1 again.


After done, copy it to the folder again. In this folder, it must only has one token file inside.


usually we will use it from 10, if you can use 2-9, please change the token name from 11.

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