Why i need to buy Galletto 4, Kess v2 and Ktag together?

Kess v2, Ktag, Fgtech Galletto 4 are the top 3 ECU programmers in the market. Ever failed on some ECUs? Actually, it’s necessary to buy Kess , Ktag and Fgtech all together, especially for a pro. Reasons are listed here.     Why to buy Galletto 4 and kess v2 together? Galletto 4 work wi Continue Reading →

How to solve no valid token file when you program KESS V2 tokens?

When your tokens for KESS V2 has final 8 or 9. Then you need to use the tokens programming file to add the tokens. Some customer are confused with the tokens programming video. Here i will say something for the key point of the video: First time you open the tokens programming file, when you impo Continue Reading →

How to solve KTM100 K-TAG KTAG Error: [e000079] customer code invalid?

KTM100 KTAG ECU programmer is the latest developed ECU programmer. Which software is 2.13 KTM100 version, Firmware is V7.003 version. Compared with other K-TAG and KESS V2. This has the following advantages: 1) KTM100 software support recognize the ECU detailed type via ID automatically 2) Add m Continue Reading →