How to Install ADM 300A Digital Master SMDS III Software

Original ADM-300A Digital Master SMDS III is an ECU programming tool made by YANHUA Tech, supporting main functions like Audio decoding, reading IMMO code, Airbag resetting, Odometer adjusting ECU programming and Data programming etc.

Supported OS: Windows XP and WIN 7
Update: Support online update

ADM 300A Digital Master Software Installation Guide:

Put package attached software CD into computer CD-ROM drive;
Open Auto Digital Mas (E);

ADM-300A Digital Master-1

Run “Reader Software of Instruction (Adobe Reader)”;

ADM-300A Digital Master-2

Follow prompts to complete Adobe Reader setup;
Run “YHSMDS3-1.7.1402.25-EN Setup. exe”, automatically come out following new window;

ADM-300A Digital Master-3

Being Easily done according to the system prompts;
Double Click “Auto Digital Master 3” icon on the desktop;
Wait for connection;

ADM-300A Digital Master-4

Click OK, and then Select Reconnect;

ADM-300A Digital Master-5

It is OK, click Exit;

Any information needed would be available on OBD2EXPRESS.