(Solved) 2013.02 Multi-diag J2534 Cannot Read VCI

Latest V2013.02 Multi-diag Access J2534 supports communication with the ECU’s, multi-language and new added 190 systems make this OBD device more welcome among users.

The following part is the solution for problem that whether multi-diag access cannot read VCI.

There has customer reflected that the multi-diag access J2534 cannot read VCI, and what would be the problem? How to solve it?

Analysis and Solution:
According to obd2express engine’s words, they may enter the wrong serial number when firstly install Multi-diag access J2534 Interface. Usually the wrong code is 19-*******SUU, but the normal code should be: 19-xxxxxxxSKL.

So if the customer gives the wrong code that being offered to our technician for activation, then it will appears a problem: when the customer use the activation code to handle his product then it will not read VCI and the product is unavailable.

So if you find that the activation code is not 19-xxxxxxxSKL then you should instantly change multi-diag access J2534 VCI serial number as 070026. Sometimes you cannot change the serial number, you should uninstall the software which has been installed on your computer and install it again, and finally you can fill the right serial number.

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