How to decode a VIN on a MBZ for color and interior?

Does anyone know how to decode a VIN on a MBZ for color and interior? or is it an internal thing that only transcribes to MBZ corporate

There’s a couple ways to do it. The most accurate and free is to get an account at EPCnet.

Takes a while to load, but it will give you the full data card of the vehicle.

For a quicker option, there’s a couple of russian websites out there that will decode the vin for you. You just need to use google translate to get it in english.

The VIN does not include color or interior information. The data on the VIN is regulated by national governments. Color and interior information is on the vehicle data card. It can be obtained through M-B. It also appears on the dealer’s repair orders here in my area Chesapeake, Virginia
If you have the VIN, that identifies the car within the EPC. That allows you to see the data card for that particular vehicle. It also “grays out” parts that don’t apply to a car with that VIN. The data card icon is on the upper right when you are in the EPC.

Finally, I solved.
I got the EPC last year and also became really close friends with the head of AMG and Designo in NJ. He and I went through the entire 11-14 CL 600’s, that were made and the color I wanted wasn’t ever ordered. So, I’m keeping my Full Designo Graphite with Designo Cortessa interior, It’s a 1 of 1 made of a grand total of 55 made for the 11-14 production run.

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