MB STAR diagnosis SD Connect, C3, C4 main unit without cables

Recently some customers are seeking Mercedes Benz MB STAR diagnosis tool main unit without laptop, HDD/hard drive, cables& connectors etc. The Star tool main unit fits those who have got old Star multiplexers or need several pieces Start tools in workshop etc.

All Star diagnosis main unit can be purchased alone in obdexpress.co.uk, check the table list below:
mb star
According to our sales volume and customers’ feedback in the past years, SD Connect Compact 4 Star diagnostic system SDS main unit and best quality MB Star C3 multiplexer are widely respected due to the high quality firmware.

MB SD Connect Compact 4 PCB display:
Best quality MB STAR C3 multiplexer PCB board display:
For extra software HDD (IBMT30, Dell D630 and external HDD format), laptops, cables& connectors, please visit www.obdexpress.co.uk

SP100-DZ   MB SD Connect C4 main unit
SP45-FZ  Best price MB STAR C3 main unit
SP117-Z   Best quality MB STAR C3 main unit
SP06-Z   MB STAR Compact 4 main unit
SP06-F MB STAR Compact 4 main unit