(Solved) Lincoln Navi Cruise Control not working

This post starts from the issue that 04 Lincoln Navi Cruise Control not working, then use VCM/IDS to read fault code, finally solved, it was anything with the shifter interlock…… To know the whole procedure about how I find out the solution, go on reading this post.

Car model and year: 04 Lincoln

Navi Cruise Control not working, and after basic test procedure, no other fails like misfire etc.

What components I have tested:
I tested the components, the Navigator from 2004 hasn’t a pressure switch. I checked the BPP as follow:
In accordance to the wiring diagram, Pin 1 (LG/RD) and Pin 5 (RD/WH) has to be hot at all times. Checked and yes, they are hot. The other both, Pin 2 (LG) and Pin 6 (RD/LG) are hot, in the moment when I press the pedal. Pin 3 and 4 are unused.
I connected the VCM/IDS at OBD2 there are no DTC´s with reference to ABS, interlock or something else-

Detail of the outlying inputs:

Page 1

Page 2

In the first diagram, Verify a solid ground to the speed control relay on wire C207f (G200) and that 12VDC is being passed through the PCM diode. Should have 12 VDC coming in and out of the speed control relay. The deactivator switch should have continuity (0 ohms) across it and the BPPS should be open.

In the second diagram, if you steering wheel radio switch and the horn works, you’ve eliminated checking terminals 1 and 5 on the airbag sliding contact, verify from 4 to LB\BK into the steering wheel speed control switch. You’ve stated that you all ready tested out the switches. Hopefully maybe somebody else can step in if this all checks out.

More questions and answers:
Question 1:
Do u know where the speed control relay located is? in the CJB? How can i test it? Since today, I notice a new or maybe old problem: I don´t know since when, but my Auto Lock doesn´t work although it is activated. And the Auto Lock system is dependent from the vehicle speed.
Should be in the fuse box in the kick panel by the passenger door. It should be identified in the owner’s manual.

Question 2:
Checked all affected fuses. Everything is okay. I think to remove the CJB complete and check all contacts. Is it a big effort to remove it? Can´t find something in the workshop manual.
Answer: What motor does your navigator have? If it’s drive by wire it doesn’t have the cruise servo and would be an electrical issue,faulty input, related codes something along those lines.

it have a 5.4 32V
These codes i´m read out with the VCM/IDS, but i guess, the most of the codes are visible because i deconnect several parts like Airbag and so for testing:



Finally solved:
Found solution, it was anything with the shifter interlock. Cut the brake signal wire to the solenoid and everything works fine. Need a new solenoid.