How Autel MX-Sensor work with MaxiTPMS PAD

MaxiTPMS PAD Minimum Computer Requirements
Laptop or PC with 100 MB of free disc space
Windows XP, Vista or Version 7
Available USB Port
CD Drive

Connecting MaxiTPMS PAD
Connect the MaxiTPMS PAD to the PC using the supplied USB cable. The MaxiTPMS PAD program will always prompt you to connect the PAD before letting you start the process.
connect type a plug to the pc-01  connect type b plug to the pad-02
Indications of the Working Status
Power-on – Illuminates solid green light
Successful read or program – Illuminates green light with quick beeps
Failed read or program – Illuminates red light with a long beep


Sensor Communication
Wireless Communication – Place the sensor on the MaxiTPMS PAD in area marked by lines

place sensor on the pad-04

Launching MaxiTPMS PAD Software
Click on All Programs from Windows Start Menu, locate and click on to start the program.
If you haven’t already, connect your MaxiTPMS PAD to your PC.

MaxiTPMS PAD Software Operation
Select the vehicle manufacturer from the Car Brand menu. Then select the model and year from the menu list that follow that click.

select car brand-05

You will now be ready to do one of these three operations:
1.Test Sensor – Click the Test Sensor button. Place the OE sensor on the
PAD. Click TEST to activate the sensor.

2.Copy Sensor – Click the Copy Sensor button. Place the OE sensor on the
PAD. Click TEST to activate and retrieve the sensor data, after this is successfully done, place the Autel MX-Sensor on the PAD. Click PROGRAM to write in the retrieved original sensor data to the MX-Sensor.

3.Create Sensor – Click Generate ID to create a sensor ID compatible with the
selected vehicle. Place the MX-Sensor on the PAD. Click PROGRAM to write in the generated sensor ID to the MX-sensor and activate it.

Installing the PC Software
Insert the CD comes with this kit into the CD drive. In most cases the software will launch automatically for installation and all you need to do is to follow the instructions on the PC screen. If the software does not launch automatically, follow these steps:
1. from the Start menu, click on My Computer.
2. Locate the Removable Storage drive displays as MaxiTPMS PAD.
3. Double click it to launch the auto install process.
The MaxiTPMS PAD program will launch automatically once successfully installed.
The start screen will prompt you to connect the PAD to the PC.