BMW i3 Coding Tutorial with ENET Cable and E-sys

This is a turorial of how to use ENET Cable and E-sys interface to do coding on BMW i3.

Equipment requirement:
ENET Cable – Ethernet to OBD II ($12 at obd2express)
A laptop with Windows XP / WIN7 32 bit
Software- E-sys

Free download software:
E-sys might come with the cables, but you can use with the newest version.
E-Sys 3.26.1 Torrent
full psdzdata

Coding tutorial:
1 – Computer to Car Connection
The OBD-2 port on the i3 is located between the steering wheel and the driver door, under the steering wheel, inset into the underside of the dash.

2 – Reading and writing the codes
Coding is done with the car in the “Ready” state, you will need to press the ‘Start’ button to have the car on. It is best to do this with the car plugged into a charger, but if that is not possible just make sure you have enough battery.
Note for beginners: The values (numbers) are in Hexadecimal format (numbers go from 0-F, as opposed from 0-9 for decimal). For something that is on and off it is easy, 00=off, 01=on (usually). But for something needing a number value the decimal value needs to be converted to Hexadecimal first (Google ‘Hex converters’). So if you need to enter the number 24 you enter 18 Hex. Decimal 255 would be FF in Hex.
Note: Make sure to unplug the enet cable from the OBD2 port and PC when you are done. If they are left in when you try to lock the car, the car will not lock and the alarm will go off!
Note: Backup, Backup, Backup! It is a good idea to create backups before you make changes (you can save and load the CAFD files in the Coding directory). Or at the very least write down the default values so you can change them back!

3 – After a Dealer Upgdate or Reset
If you visit your dealer for a software update, or if the dealer resets your car’s computer your values will all be back to default. You will have to manually reprogram everything or load from a backup. Note that with a software update some of the actual functions might change, so probably best to manually re-enter values after a major software upgdate. No the dealer will not do this for you!

4 – Viewing Offline
If you want to just peruse the options while not in a cramped car on a laptop, you can view all the files offline at your leisure.

5 – The Codes:
Note: Any code that resets the iDrive display seems to blow away the 1-8 shortcuts you have created. So you might want to save your iDrive settings to USB (see the manual) so they can be reloaded after.

AM Radio
To enable AM radio
Werte=01 – Enable AM Radio
Werte=00 – Default (AM Radio disabled)
“Hold Mode” for the Range Extender (REx)
To get the REx option (allow turn on REx anytime below 75%)
Werte=01 – Enable REx Hold option – Default in non-US cars
Werte=00 – Disable Rex Hold option – Default in US cars
Once enabled, in your iDrive go to Settings -> Auto eDRIVE to enable Rex manually (once battery is under 75%)

Change when the Rex comes on
BKOMBI -> 3000 Anzeige_Konfiguration, 4E -> SOC_HOLD_POSITION
Werte=0C – Default of 6%
Units are in 0.5%, default is 0C (12 Dec) = 6%. Change to 18 (which is 24 Dec in Hex) to get 12%.
Disable Legal Disclaimer
To disable or change the time of the safety disclaimer upon start
Werte=00 – Totally disable Safety Disclaimer (0 seconds)
Werte=0A – Default time of Safety Disclaimer
Note: can do between 00 and 0A if you just want a shorter time
Reprogram 3rd and 4th Buttons on Remote (open frunk, trunk, panic)
BDC_BODY -> 30D0 RemoteControl, 1B ->
The 3rd button is the button with the car with the opened frunk icon
The 4th button is the red ‘Alarm’ icon
Each button can be programmed for independent operation for a short, mid or long press. Options include:
Werte=00 – No action
Werte=02 – Open trunk (rear boot)
Werte=03 – Panic alarm
Werte=05 – Open frunk (front boot)
Default value for 3rd button is open frunk for mid and long press (no action for short so you do not accidently open the frunk with a quick press)
Default value for the 4th button is panic for long press only (no action for short or mid, so you have to press for a bit)
The trunk is not enabled at all by default

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