VXDIAG NANO Ford IDS V100 + VMware Player Free Download

VMware player/ machine installation is a really painful process for many users with VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford IDS V100. Here, the VXDIAG factory share a FREE VMware machine for you all to download. Just download and install it on your laptop for Ford diagnosis

Free download
VMware player + IDS 100:

(The link has expired,Pls contact with Email: sales@OBDexpress.co.uk to get software file free)

1 – All applications above are tested by engineer at obdexpress.co.uk.
2 – you can use these for original vxdiag vcx nano for Ford / Mazda, wifi or wireless version.
3- or you could install VMware player yourself with the instruction below:

1) Install VMware Workstation
Open My Computer>>Ford IDS (E:), to copy “en_windows_xp.iso” to Local Disk (D:).
Open “VMware-workstation-full-10.0.3-1895310” in Ford IDS (E:).
Click Next to continue.
Click Next, with the selection of “I accept… agreement”.
Select “Typical”.
Click Next to install to this folder or click Change to install to a different folder.
Click Next, with the selection of “Check for product updates on startup”.
Click Next.
Click Next, for shortcuts selection.
Click Continue to begin the process.
Performing the requested operations…
Enter license key:
go to E:\ to open “VMware-workstation-KEY” and copy the first key as “License key”.
Click Finish.

2) Establish a new Virtual Machine:Ford IDS
Go to My Computer>>Local Disk (D:), to establish a new folder named “Ford VCM II”.
Open VMware Workstation on Desktop.
Select Files>>New Virtual Machine…
Click Next, with “Typical”.
Select Install dics image file (iso), click Browse… Desktop>>My Computer>>Local Disk (D:)>>en_windows_xp.iso
Click Next.
Go to E:\ to open “VMware-workstation-KEY” and copy the second key as “Windows product key”.
Click Next.
Name the Virtual Machine: Ford IDS, and Browse Desktop>>My Computer>>Local Disk (D:)>>Ford VCM.
Click Next.
Maximum disk size (GB): 120.0, click Next.
Click Customer Hardware… Memory>>Memory for this virtual machine: 1024MB. (it should be less than RAM) Click Close.
Click Finish.

Click Open a Virtual Machine.
Click OK.
Click OK.
Windows XP Professional setup…
Error: click OK.
Type your name and click Next.
Continue Windows XP Professional setup…
Installing VMware Tools…

3) reset date and time on on VMware
Open the Date and Time Properties in VMware and the real computer.
The date and time in VMware should be the same as those in the the real computer.
Turn off the computer in VMware Player.
Click OK.
Close Ford IDS virtual machine.
And remove “Ford IDS” from the library.
Close VMware workstation.

4) Install IDS V81
5) Install ids-91.01-full
6) Install Ford-IDS-96.01-Full
7) Install IDS-V100.01_Full

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