How to use TM100 edit IDE of PCF7945C(Hitag VAG)

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TM100 Programmer was updated  to V4.38,new version can edit IDE of PCF7945C(Hitag VAG).

How to edit IDE of PCF7945C(Hitag VAG) 

All in two steps :
1.Select TPReader PCF7945C enter IDE at Chip ID page
2. Click botton “Modify IDE”
1.This version includes firmware update .
2.Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating .
Older version update released overview:
2016-9-20 V3.44 released:

1. Add keymaker for Chevrolet Aveo as MY2012. Parts: Immo, IC: 25160, Transponder: PCF7936
2. Fix bugsNotes:  This version includes firmware 1 update. Please DO NOT disconnect PC with TM100 while updating2016-9-14 V3.42 released:1. Add function for odometer rewrite of CAS4,CAS4+
2. Add function for BMW CAS3+ save ISN
3. Add keymaker for BMW CAS3+ by ISN
4. Fix bugs

TM 100 ——-2016-6-24 V3.36     released   
1. Add keymaker for Suzuki Swift, Maruti Swift. Parts: Immobox, IC: 93C86,  Transponder: HITAG2
2. Add new type 24C16 support for Mitsubishi ASX, Outlander
3. Add keyexplorer for Renault Koleos, Megane
4. Bugs fix for ID46 image generator
5. Bugs fix for keymaker Chrysler 300C 9S12, 93C86
6. Bugs fix for keymaker Volvo V40 9S12
7. Bugs fix for keymaker Renault Laguna 95160
8. Bugs fix for keymaker Hyundai Accent 95040
9. Bugs fix for keymaker Renault Espace III HC08
10. Bugs fix for keymaker Hyundai Santa Fe 95P80
11. Bugs fix for write 7-byte CS for VAG
12. Bugs fix for locking Tiris 4E

TM100 Transponder Key Programmer V2.0 Update:

1. MEGAMOS 13 chips added copy function;
2. Fixed: Copy 8C chip error;
3. Fix all ID13 key generation problem;
4. Fixed key generation: Volkswagen module, Gower, security box 93C56 no write startup interface;
5. online activation device. Activation is done automatically when you connect the device;
6. online authorization;
7. Online read Magotan security bytes;
8. Volvo 93C86 online decrypt data;
Note: After upgrading to this version, connection TM100 will be prompted to upgrade the firmware, do not disconnect the device during the upgrade.
ID13 copy methods:
Into the chip to identify, select MEGAMOS 13, the original car keys into the coil, read the data, and then into T5 chip can point to write, generate ID13 chip;
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