How Does Brake Fluid Tester Work?

When it comes to maintain braking systems, we usually replace brake pads and replace the brake fluid. here our engineer will teach you how to make sure whether your brake fluid need to change or not.


So, many friends will ask:

How often does the brake fluid be changed?

Ordinary conditions, after using of 2 years or 50,000 km, the brake fluid should be replaced. But now more of a situation is that many new car owners do not replace the brake fluid more than 6 years. No detection, no replacement, this is very dangerous!


Some people will ask why I should replace the brake fluid in such a short time?

Engineer experience: After using a certain period of time, the brake fluid will be lower boiling point, pollution, oxidation and water contained, it should be based on climate, environmental conditions, seasonal changes and working conditions, should replace the brake fluid in time.


How do I know that the brake fluid contains water, how to test it?

To slove this problem, you don’t need to spend much money, so our engineers recommend 2017 new brake fluid tester, only $7.99 needed, cheap and useful.

The Brake fluid tester is used as a digital tester which is suitable for determining brake fluid quality.

It tests and indicates on five LEDs in terms of percent of water in the brake fluid, can very intuitive to see if it is necessary to replace the brake fluid.


brake-fluid-tester-1 brake-fluid-tester-2

Green: Battery OK, i.e.: No Water Contained in the Brake Fluid

Yellow: Less than 1% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

Yellow/Yellow: Approximately 2% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

Yellow/Yellow/Red: Approximately 3% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

The Brake Fluid Should be Changed

Yellow/Yellow/Red/Red: at least 4% of Water Content in Brake Fluid

The Brake Fluid Must be Changed Urgently, Extreme Danger.


Just need three steps to test brake fluid quality:

Firstly, Press the button for power on, green LED will light up.


brake-fluid-tester-3 brake-fluid-tester-4

Secondly, insert the tester into reservoir for seconds, then the results will be indicated correctly by LEDs.

Now all the lights bright indicate need to replace the brake fluid


Finally, auto power off


Compare New Brake Fluid with Water contented Brake Fluid



What’s the Shell packaging looks like?


brake-fluid-tester-7 brake-fluid-tester-8 brake-fluid-tester-9

Where to get New brake fluid tester?