VVDI MB Tool Car List Download

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool is the best solution of Mercedes-Benz read & write keys/CGW (ZGW), EIS & ELS tools, password calculation of working keys and lost all key, prepare key file, renew ECU/gearbox/ISM, repair KM, etc. Here is the VVDI MB Tool car list for all functions.



 Read Write Key


  1. Read key basic information


  1. Key with BE version, we can read password from key via IR directly. Of course, renew key, write new key file via IR is also supported


  1. Support IR repair key, repair key not work via IR


  1. NEC adaptor can read key password from NEC v51, v57 version


  1. Support read/activate blank BGA (0CF4) key


  1. Support read last HASH from key (Repair key)


  1. Support write and renew (NEC adaptor) NEC key versions following:


v51, v57

v28, v35, v40

v03, v06, v08 (Keyless Go)

v05, v07, v09 (Keyless Go)

v59, v61 (Keyless Go)



 EIS Tools


  1. Support read EIS data via OBD and IR adaptor


  1. Under OBD mode, we provide auto detect EIS type for CAN protocol


  1. Support read W164, W209, W211 EIS via OBD without gateway support


  1. Support read old Motorola EIS (HC05, HC08, K-Line) password via IR directly


  1. Support renew EIS, make 2nd hand EIS to new one (online)


  1. Support replace EIS, you can write original EIS data to new EIS via IR


  1. Support write new VIN


  1. Support clear TP


  1. Support disable key position


  1. Support enable key position


  1. Support personalize W204 ESL


  1. Support test EIS, ELV, working key status


  1. Support type:



W164 2009-

W166, 197, 212, 218, 246

W169, 209, 211

W172, 204, 207, 212(old, with ELV)

W203, 463, 639 (K)

W202, 208, 210 (K)

W215, 220 (K)

W230 (K)



W639 2009-



 Password Calculation: support working key and lost all key


  1. Password calculation can get the key password from working key and EIS(online)


  1. CAN protocol EIS all support password calculation (support BGA keys and other NEC keys)


  1. We also support calculate password for NEC v51, v57 keys. No soldering.


  1. Data acquisition time depends on the key version. It needs about 3.5 minutes -13 minutes, BGA version need about 5 minutes


  1. Calculate time in server: 30 seconds – 1 minute


  1. Now VVDI-MB TOOL is the fastest tool for password calculation


  1. Lost all key password calculation: Now we support calculate password for W166, W212, W246, W212(old, with ELV) , W204, W207, W216, W164 2009- while lost all key


  1. Support type (have working key):



W164 2009-

W166, 197, 212, 218, 246

W169, 209, 211

W172, 204, 207, 212(old, with ELV)



W639 2009-



 Prepare Key File


  1. Prepare key file means prepare the key file which you will write to new key(online)


  1. Prepare key file need about 20 seconds


  1. Support VVDI MB type EIS data and old Motorola EEPROM dump




 ESL Tools


  1. Support read ESL data via OBD (K-Line)


  1. Support renew ESL, make 2nd hand ESL to new one (online)


  1. Support replace ESL, you can write original ESL or EIS data to new ESL


  1. Support write new VIN


  1. Support clear TP


  1. Support auto personalized ESL, no need renew EIS


  1. Support check ESL damage status


  1. Support repair W204 ESL NEC chip(fatal error: 0xAA) and Motorola ESL chip


  1. Support renew VVDI-MB W204 emulator




 Renew ECU/Gearbox/ISM


  1. This function support renew, write VIN, personalization operation for module ECU, Gearbox, ISM etc




 KM Repair


Support repair dashboard KM. Support the following type:


  1. C(W204), GLK(X204), CLK(W207), E(W212), SLS(W197), CLS(W218)


  1. R-Class(W251), GL(X164), ML(W164)


  1. E-Class(W211), CLS(W219)


  1. S-Class(W221), CL(216)


  1. W166, W172, W246, W231


  1. W205




 Read/Write CGW(ZGW)


Support Read/Write gateway EEPROM and FLASH completely.

Support following type:


  1. A-Class (W169)


  1. B-Class (W245)


  1. C-Class (W204)


  1. E-Class (W211)


  1. E-Class (W212)


  1. GLK (X204)


  1. CLK (W207)


  1. CLS (W218)


  1. CLS (W219)


  1. Maybach (W240)


  1. SLK (R171)


  1. SLR (R199)


  1. SLS (R197)


  1. GL (X164)


  1. M-Class (W164)


  1. R-Class (W251)


  1. SMART


  1. S-Class (W221)


  1. CL (W216)






 Special Instructions (2017.01.10)


  1. The newest cars after 2015 with FBS4 EIS don’t support read data and password, we are researching it


  1. Renew EIS and renew ESL require erase password. Now search erase password have 92% success rate. We are building a new server for erase password. It will support all erase password after new server finished



Be happy with vvdi mercedes!

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