How to get SDconnect C4 to work with Mercedes 24/12 volt cars


Here is the customer solution of reworking a SDconnect c4 PCB chip to get it work with Mercedes 12 and 24 volt cars. Good luck!!!

some of the NEC Chips are Broken 4 PCs and same the small board power chip i Change it and now they work on 12V too

i change the first line from left side


Replace the chip


SD connect C4 china clone with boards of high quality:


mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-diagnosis-hdd-d-new-pcb-2 mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-diagnosis-hdd-d-new-pcb-3 mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-diagnosis-hdd-d-new-pcb-4 mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-diagnosis-hdd-d-new-pcb-5 mb-sd-connect-compact-4-star-diagnosis-hdd-d-new-pcb-6 sd-connect-c4-pcb-rework-1



SD connect mux with PCBs above is confirmed to work no issues with Mercedes 12 and 24 volt cars.