Orange 5 Clone Review: Cheap & High-quality

Who have some link where to buy Orange 5 clone for good price and good quality ?


I got mine from


Orange5is very good programmer. Most impressive thing about it is the speed, its very fast. In having said that though, just like any programmer, it wont do everything, thats why you need to buy all the programmers and then you have no problems. I rate Orange5 an 8 / 10


Notes i did when i read with Orange 5….


Get a perfect read 169DJafter resolder joints on hc05 adaptor


Can read 4Y74J and in circuit,and out circuit,with wire


Can read HC05x32 with O5 clone success, make picture of your adapter and check soldering points
P.s. when you want to be 100% sure, better to resolder all point on them


Today, tested the Motorola HC908 family
Security bytes readout in-circuit mode
Now three test panels
AZ60A, LJ12 100% works …
min 2 sec max 5-6 minute
this good technic


It is said that chinese clone not have avaible software for radiocodes.

Yes,there is option 03-CarRadio.I didn’t use it but it can be done