Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)

Hi all and thanks all for your responses. Here, i collect working solutions of Ktag or Kess V2 NO 12V. Hope it helps someone out.
Part 1: Cannot get 12v of output from Kess V2
I use a AC power to connect to my kess V2 adapter. The seller gave it. it it 12v and 1A.

When I use my kess I’m following the next steps.

1 ) Connect the adapter to kess unit
2 ) Connect the ac power adapter to the adapter
3 ) Connect the usb cable to kess unit and the computer and tun the software

My kess read ecus by OBD port. I read a seat leon 1.9 BXE perfectly. It is other edc16 ecu.

The Ksuite shows it has 12,16V-12,30V all time while it is trying to read.

I tested my power supply and it give 12 volts


kess on table 600x225 - Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)


Part 2: Ktag NO 12V


Got a Ktag Clone since a few months. did about 10 ecus with it, no problem! Since today i’ve got no 12 volt on red wires. Normally when i click read 12v appears on red and orange wires. Now only on orange. When i connect red and orange together everything works like normal.


Here is the board with faulty component(s)

ktag NO 12V 600x450 - Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)

Changed this component and it worked.

KTAG 12V SOLUTION - Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)ktag 12V 600x450 - Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)


Part 3: Ktag Kess V2 working good with 12V


Ktag Kess V2 with best components works good


Note that Red PCB version works better than Blue & Green versions


Ktag 7.020 maximum quality:


Kess v2 5.017 of maximum quality:


Newest ktag kess v2 red pcb:


favicon - Ktag Kess V2 NO 12V (customer solution)