KESS V2 5.017 Review: OBD, K-line, CAN ok

After 3 days i have the kess 5.017 interface, very fast shipping by DHL. It’s very easy to install, just click: Next to go on, then it can works well!!!In app it show 5.017 version

I tested for this moment


Berlingo 9HX: only readID from engineand works ok

PSA Bosch EDC 16: read ok

Skoda Octavia 1.9 AXR EDC15: read ok

BMW EDC17CP02: OBD write ok

BMW EDC15: OBD read/write ok

Ford Mondeo SID206: read/write ok

K-line and CAN both OK

VW EDC17CP14: read/writewith tricore module

2008 Sprinters with Edc16:no issues


Works well


I also confirmed some features, as they stated:


  1. KESS V5.017 can support car/truck/tractor/Bike…support both 12V and 24V vehicle..and newer vehicles
    2.KESS V5.017 has no token limited for all compatible vehicles
    3.KESS V5.017 has no grey protocols ..full protocols such as EDC17/k-line/DSG/DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 Gearbox/ST10….
    4.KESS V5.017 read and write ECUs via OBD easily, Do not need to disassemble ECU…more user-friendly than KTAG V7.020
    5. KESS V5.017 do connect internet…Online need disable the network connectionon purpose before use




All in all,

It works well and it is a cheap Clone in China.If people want to rework, they can buy some Murata Filters.

You can see pcb,there is no Murata Filters in our kess 5.017 from …..There is no need if all of our kess v2 5.017 works well.

kess-5.017-pcb-1 kess-5.017-pcb-2 kess-5.017-pcb-3

Attach kess 5.017 pcb rework.. wish it helps. I haven’t tried on any real car or ecu for now, but seem to work.It’s shared on a forum..just copy… good luck if you wanna have a try


Before rework






Worked with the software