Confirmed! M4 Clamp + Condor Mini Cut Cylinder Keys

Confirmed! M4 Clamp and Xhorse Condor XC-Mini are able to cut cylinder keys to house locks.


What is a cylinder key?


This is the most popular system for house locks, it is a part of our life, used both at home and at work. It requires the simplest type of key, a single piece milled to present a different profile for each system and each manufacturer. Keyline adapts to the market of cylinder keys, following its development and, accordingly, offering timely blanks for each lock system, including the technological solutions for their duplication.


What’s used for cylinder keys cutting?

Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine with a M4 clamp is able to cut cylinder keys.


Note that you should have the latest Condor Mini software version 24-07-2018 for use of a M4 clamp.


Look here: M4 clamp and Condor machine is working for cylinder keys cutting.