Tabscan S8 Oil Reset: Confirmed to Work Perfectly!

About: Oil Reset with a universal car diagnostic tool – Tabscan S8


Why do you need reset oil?

You will need to reset oil change light manually after every oil change. If it is not properly reset the system can’t track when your next oil change is due.


Is there a professional oil reset tool?

You can reset oil with an oil reset tool such as Autel OLS301

Or with an auto diagnostic tool with this function like Tabscan S8


How to reset oil with a Tabscan S8?

Oil service in Tabscan S8 special functions:


Oil service, EPB Reset, Throttle Reset, SAS Rest, DPF Reset, Immobilizer, Battery Matching, ABS Bleeding, TPMS, CKP Learning, CVT Reset, RCMM, Srs Reset.

Tabscan S8 special functions:

tabscan tabscan-s8-oil-reset-2



Here, try the Oil-Reset service.

You should choose your car model after selecting service.


Then select Oil Reset.

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There are four options

tabscan-s8-oil-reset-5 tabscan-s8-oil-reset-6



For cars, it depends. It’s different from service on Tabscan S8. the car list might vary because of functions