The Small wonder!Xhorse Condor XC-Dolphin

Coming soon!Xhorse Condor Dolphin key cutting machine is new device from XHORSE brand ,and it’s used on APP via

bluetooth ,support both IOS and Android.Condor XC-Dolphin key machine is an entry-level product of the CONDOR CNC machine family. The body design is simple, it is very suitable for mobile use in the mobile scene, without operating screen, you need to connect a mobile phone or tablet, and install a dedicated APN.

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video demo:Dolphin works on mobile phone application via bluetooth connection.

xhorse condor dolphin work With mobile app:Good

The overseas version is doing the final test, works good. 👍👍coming soonIt has all the capabilities of #CondorXCMini.#Dolphin works on mobile phone application via bluetooth connection.

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Condor XC-Dolphin vs Condor XC-Mini Comparison

Spindle Mechanical shaft +60W DC motor (with a foreign model)” “Electric spindle brushless 300W, built-in angular contact bearing Electric spindle brushless 300, built-in angular contact bearing
Transmission mechanism “T-shaped screw + anti-backlash nut Ball screw
guide Roller guide Cross-track
shell Base aluminum alloy die-casting, the upper body is made of plastic shell and the body is made of integrated aluminum alloy die-casting. Plastic outer casing body is formed by body alloying die casting
Fixture Standard fixture Two sets of standard fixtures
Manipulation No touch screen, no built-in database Quick start, with touch screen, built-in database
Offline operation not support stand by
Dedicated app Support dedicated mobile phone APp Support dedicated mobile APP
Built-in battery Not supported, optional external battery stand by
protecting mask Simple protective cover Comprehensive protection
VVD binding not support stand by
Cutting speed 1X SPEED 2X SPEED
weight <10kg 18kg
Warranty 1 year 3 years


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