Free download and setup 1.94 1.95 for KTMflash

Free download and setup 1.94 1.95 for KTMflash ECU programmer clone, as well as KTMflash reviews.


Part 1:  1.94 / 1.95 free download

Please firstly confirm the version number on the USB key.

1) 1.94 free download!IcRXkIDZ!TXG9qZ1NJbWqaG7xHssyn2oIUx_rBV5NPM821nUJAd0


2) 1.95 free download!gFRBHS5S!pkOaxfaTkGIYqB7VdfjXih9uPAYQl_BmVskQ2LYJ6hE


Works with KTMflash ECU programmer perfectly.



Part 2:  1.94 / 1.95 installation


Software version: 1.1.94 for example:


Select Tractrix Inc. – OpenPort 2.0 J2534 ISO/CAN/VPW/PWM






Part 3: reviews on 1.94 / 1.95 working with KTMflash

  1. edc17C10 work fine with this tactrix clone.

checksum ok all ok ,read write rapid , excellent

tactrix connected to the rear of the power box and in front gpt and tricore cable,cable gpt and tricore ktag seems to be ok and help of dimsport or ktag yes, good box.


  1. edc17cp14 R/W chk ok


  1. dsg work fine (not tested by obd2) and you can use with windows 7 with no internet connexion (not tested with connexion)..

this clone work same as ori with good tactrix hardware.


  1. Read Audi A4 TC1796 ok


  1. Read write MT80 ok



6.Read Audi C7 DQ gearbox ok


  1. Read Bosch ME17 8 8 TC1724/1728 ok


  1. Read VW DSG DQ250 transmission ok


Because the video is too long to upload for one time.


To be continued……