2019 KTAG Firmware 8.000 Added 111 New Protocols (PCB Attached)

Look here: KTAG Firmware 8.000 added 111 new protocols and updated 313 protocols:




Ktag 8.000 111 new protocols:

ktag-8.000-master-1 ktag-8.000-new-protocols


Note that, ktag 8.000 is not released at obdexpress.co.uk yet

You’d advised to use Ktag 7.020 with security and relief.

ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-1(1) ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-2 ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-3 ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-4 ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-5 ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-6 ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-7 ktag-7.020-vs-ktag-8.000-8