How to read the gearbox data of DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501?

DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501 data read solution: KTMflash + special adapters.

First comes with the connection among KTMflash, the adapters, the PC and the vehicle.

And the specific adapter’s detailed images.


gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-01 gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-02 gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-03

KTMflash can readDQ250E successfully (Images + Videos):

gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-04 gearbox-data-reading-adapter-for-ktmflash-05

KTMflash ECU read VW DSG DQ250 transmission data part 1:


KTMFlash ECU Programmer read V-AG DQ250 DSG Transmission part 2:



FYI, I will test more and share the corresponding test reports here, hope you like them.




The Gearbox Adapter full kit for reading the data of DQ250 DQ200 VL381 VL300 DQ500 DL501: