How to reset Jaguar XK X150 4.2 2006 engine light on?


Car model: Jaguar XK X150 4.2 2006 with hundreds of miles


Car problem: I started it and it was lumpy and then cut out with the engine management light on. I waited half an hour and it started and ran fine.



I haven’t used the car since then but I started it a few times to see how it was and a couple of times I got the key symbol in the message centre with ‘Smart key not found, insert key etc’ message. Not everyu time, but sometimes.T he manual says if the battery is low you need to insert the key in the slot under the armrest. So maybe I just need to have the battery checked and replaced if necessary. Another thing to try anyway.


Possible reason and solution:

Engine management issue could have been a lo wish battery through lack of use or an old battery.

The manual and smart key battery low is the key fob battery.

A low main 12v battery on an XK will give numerous and diverse errors until the battery is fully charged or replaced.


Jaguar XK diagnostic tool to use:

  1. I agree that you want to check battery voltage and also keep her on a maintainer. Ctek seems to be the Jag user choice but there are others certainly. Many seeming unrelated gremlins disappear with a fully charged battery.


To your original question, there are two handhelds. iCarsoft makes the i930 and LRII that will work on your model. Foxwell NT530 Jaguar scanner also makes one that will work. These are all handheld models that will read body and chassis codes as well as engine codes and run around 160eur. For the shade tree mechanic these will suffice. They will only read the first 5 digits of the DTC however, not all 7. But that’s enough for 90% of your problems. These units will clear codes too. You are right that they will easily pay for themselves if they save you just one service visit. You have a Ford built model and they are a solid car with a relatively simple mechanical design and a typically bulletproof engine, reliable transmission.

I keep my adapter in the car as it can be useful if something happens when you’re out and about.

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  1. Torque Pro app running with an Android phone

Torque Pro is a great app but it only read standard OBD module codes, so you won’t see some of the extended/Jaguar-specific stuff. it will only read engine codes (5 digit) but for $20 for the app and the BT dongle, it’s a cheap option and lets you also see live data (which I believe all the handhelds do as well).


  1. If you are full on, want it all kind of DIY kind of guy, JLR SDD is the Jaguar diagnostic tool. This will get you everything a Jag mechanic has. Primary differences between the Jaguar’s OEM software/ hardware and the handhelds are that you will need SDD to program any modules, if required, and SDD will read all 7 digits which further drills down on troubleshooting. This is a laptop based system vs the handheld. Total set up for a quality Jaguar approved unit including laptop is about 800eur uk.That said, programming modules is rare. I’ve done it a few times but was for retrofitting 2010 equipment on my 07, not standard stuff. Also, the world is full of SDD Chinese knockoffs and hacked software so you want to get both from reputable retailers.

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  1. I already had an Autel Maxidiag Elite which covers loads of different cars including the Jaguars, and after a flat(ish) battery episode on my 2010 X150 I thought I’d give it a try. It happily read and cleared all the faults and covers all systems, not just the engine but does cost about £160 from fleabay.

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Good luck



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