XProg is the best Ford Fiesta edc16 ECU programmer

 Car model and ECU type: Ford Fiesta edc16


Symptom: have a fiesta with a water soaked ecu looks like back has been off and not re sealed! the car won’t start and won’t read total loss!

old ecu is no good it had been opened before and we emptied water out of it so that ecu is now binned!



We have found a matching ecu, swap to a different hw & sw ecu with matching clocks keys & pick up ring for ignition.


How to do?

Option 1. Try to write Dump from old 95160 to new ECU. Need BDM read and write.


Option 2. ktag should be able to read EEPROM on a working ECU


Option 3.

How would i re code the ecu to the clocks of is immo delete availble on the ford edc16c34 ecu?


– Upload a dump off you EDC16C34 95160 eeprom on the ECU forum, the kind poster will help turn the immo off for you.


Option 4.

XProg can read eeprom 95160 from old ecu and write to new ecu…or just solder eeprom from old ecu to new one.


How to read EDC16 with XPROG (Quote)

I make this “tutorial” because last days I had to clone a ECM of a Renault Master 3.0L to another ECM from a different Renault with same hardware but different software. The method of moving the Flash and Eeprom chips from the original to new one didn`t work and the conclusion was – some differences in processor MPC556 flash/config.
Since I dont have (for the moment) a working FGtech (the one bought from Xcar360 never worked despite it was rated “A quality”) but only a good working XPROG capable of BDM reading/writing I decided to give it a try and it worked.
By this method you have access to read/write the whole content of ECU – MPC flash and config, eeprom, external flash AM29BL….
So in order to make any modifications/changes (ex: tuning, virginize, swapping, etc) in EDC16C3 with Xprog full  you need a good working Xprog ECU programmer  with MPC5xx authorizations, a 12V power source, soldering skill and a T15 torx screwdriver.
Open the ECM, find BDM pins and connect like in the attached picture and do your thing.
Good luck!!!


(Credits to @ kreepyme)


Maybe you are interested in the reliable source of Xprog:


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