2024 New FormulaFLash ECU Programmer FAQs

FormulaFLash ECU Programmer is a 2024 brand new chip tuning tool to support BENCH, OBD, BOOT connection methods. Here we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and answers for newbies.

2024 formulaflash ecu programmer faqs - 2024 New FormulaFLash ECU Programmer FAQs - FormulaFLash ECU Programmer


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FormulaFLash FAQs

Question Answer
Q1 What are the features of Formulaflash? Formulaflash is an independently developed ECU reading and writing product. Comprehensive functionality, wide software coverage, and high cost performance.
Q2 Is there a difference between master and slave in Formuflash? Formulaflash does not distinguish between master and salve. It reads all the files of the original ECU, which is equivalent to the master version
Q3 What functions does Formulaflash now have and what models does it support? Please refer to the function list for specific functions and models.
Q4 What languages does Formulaflash now support? Currently it supports English/Spanish/Russian/Korean, and more languages will be added in the future.
Q5 Compared to other products, Formulaflash seems to have too few protocols now? As a brand new independently developed product, it will take some time to update more protocols. In the near future, its upgrade frequency will be maintained at once every 7-10 days.
Q6 Is FormulaFlash software stable and reliable? The software we released ensures stable customers, and they are released after extensive testing and verification. The first batch of customers have already used it and given it good reviews
Q7 What are the reviews from people currently using its products? Current users of the product have expressed positive comments about its stability.
Q8 Is FormulaFlash a clone of magicmoto Flexr? Formulaflash is certainly not a Flex clone. They have their own R&D team, and the hardware/software is completely independently developed.
Q9 Will FormulaFlash be upgraded? Of course it will be upgraded. Formulaflash’s hardware and software are independently developed and have been upgraded recently.
Q10 How much does a Formulaflash subscription cost? What services are included? New users are free of charge for one year of subscription, and the subscription fee after one year is $350. The update function will stop after the subscription fee expires. Updated software can continue to be used.
Q11 Is Formulaflash stable in quality? Is there any warranty? Formulaflash products have been fully tested to ensure stable quality. It also supports a 1-year warranty.
Q12 How to activate Formulaflash? When you use it for the first time, the software will prompt “Do you want to activate it?” After selecting “Yes”, the product is ready for use.
Q13 Can Formulaflash be used offline without internet connection? It cannot be used offline, because the data and verification of a large number of functions of the device require real-time communication with the server.
Q14 How to install Formuflash? 1. Open the downloaded driver package and follow the prompts to complete the driver installation.

2. Open the downloaded software package and run the formulaflash.exe program in the software package.

Q15 Formulaflash only has the function of bench now? When it was first released, it only had the bench function, but recently it has upgraded the boot function. And the OBD function will be updated soon.
Q16 Can Formula support checksum? Formulaflash supports automatic checksum, please check the checksum list.
Q17 Is there a technical support team for service? Yes. We have dedicated personnel in the Chinese time zone to provide technical support. If you have any problems, please report them in time.



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