What is FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool?

FormulaFLash is a 2024 new all-in-one ECU and TCU tuning solution. No need email or password for registration. One-click activation via computer network! It supports ECU cloning, fast data reading and writing, VIN modification, IMMO off, Power upgrade, and DTC clean, etc for MD1CS018, MD1CS016, DQ381, DQ380, MG1CA094, MD1CS015, MD1CE108, MD1CC878, MD1CE100C and more ECUs via OBD, Bench and Boot modes.

what is formulaflash ecu programmer 1 - What is FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool? - FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool


FormulaFLash Sale:

Now buy Formulaflash get the software below (value 320EUR) for free. After placed order, Please contact our customer service to get the download link.

  • Easykill V2.0.rar
  • Hard Cut.rar
  • DTC Remover .rar.
  • ImmoOff17 V.2.1162.rar
  • VAG EDC15 IMMO OFF.rar
  • ECU Safe Solutions- 2 versions.rar
  • Immo Universal Decoding 3.2.rar
  • Winols Damos Files Pack 2020
  • Winols 4.7 Software
  • ADS-DPF EGR Lambda Remover 05.2017 Full.rar


Which vehicles are supported by FormulaFLash ECU Programmer?


ECU models: MD1CS018, MD1CS016, DQ381, DQ380, MG1CA094, MD1CS015, MD1CE108, MD1CC878, MD1CE100C, Simos 8.3, Simos 8.5 series ECUs, etc.

FormulaFlash Vehicle list

Checksum List


Which language is available with FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool?

English, Spanish, Russian, Korea, Chinese


Which goods are included in the FormulaFLash package?

1pc x Formulaflash box

1pc x OBD cable

1pc x Connection cable: power cable European standard

1pc x Connection cable: power cable US standard

1pc x USB cable

1pc x Power cable

6pcs x set of pin adapters

1pc x Cable for NEC 76F00xx

1pc x Color coded wiring harness

what is formulaflash ecu programmer 2 - What is FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool? - FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool

what is formulaflash ecu programmer 3 - What is FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool? - FormulaFLash ECU Chip Tuning Tool


How to update FormulaFLash software and hardware?

It can be updated online. It offers free subscription for 12 months. After the software subscription expires, the software will stop updating, but existing functions will continue to be available. (Software subscription is €330/year)

Formulaflash Software Download

Formula Flash New Update:

Version:> (Update time: May 14, 2024)

1.Newly added JLR ZF 9HP boot mode reading and writing

2.Newly added Siemens series BOOT mode read and write: MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87, MSV90

3.Newly added Bosch TC17XX series BOOT mode reading and writing

ECU_TYPE name Working model
9HP TC1782N_320 Boot
MSV90 TC1796 Boot
MSD87 TC1796 Boot
MSD85 TC1796 Boot
MSD81 TC1796 Boot
MSD80 TC1796 Boot
MEVD17.4.4 TC1793 Boot
MEVD17.4.2 TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.4.2 TC1767 Boot
MEVD17.2.P Fxx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.P Exx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.K TC1793 Boot
MEVD17.2.H TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.G TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.9 Fxx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.9 Exx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.8 TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.7 TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.6 Fxx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.6 Exx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.5 TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.4 Fxx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.4 Exx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2.3 TC1793 Boot
MEVD17.2.2 TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2 Fxx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2 Exx TC1797 Boot
MEVD17.2 TC1797 Boot
MEV17.4.2 TC1797 TC1797 Boot
MEV17.4.2 TC1767 TC1767 Boot
MEV17.4 TC1796 TC1796 Boot
MEV17.4 TC1766 TC1766 Boot
MEV17.2.2 TC1767 TC1767 Boot
MEV17.2.1 TC1796 Boot
MEV17.2 TC1796 TC1766 Boot
MEV17.2 TC1766 TC1766 Boot
MEG17.9.21 TC1724F Boot
MEG17.9.2_ECU TC1767 Boot
MEG17.9.13 TC1767 Boot
MEG17.9.12 ECU TC1767 Boot
MEDG17.9.8_ECU TC1767 Boot
MEDC17.9 TC1793 Boot
MED17.9.9 TC1793S Boot
MED17.9.7 TC1767 Boot
MED17.9.63 TC1793 Boot
MED17.9.30 TC1793S Boot
MED17.9.3 TC1793 Boot
MED17.8.32 TC1793 Boot
MED17.8.31 TC1797 Boot
MED17.8.3 TC1797 Boot
MED17.8.2 TC1767 Boot
MED17.8.10 TC1767 TC1767 Boot
MED17.8.10 TC1728 TC1728 Boot
MED17.8.10 HW2 TC1728 Boot
MED17.7.8 TC1797 Boot
MED17.7.7 TC1793S Boot
MED17.7.5 TC1793 Boot
MED17.7.3.1 TC1797 Boot
MED17.7.3 TC1797 Boot
MED17.7.2 TC1797 Boot
MED17.7.1 TC1797 Boot
MED17.5.5 TC1767 TC1767 Boot
MED17.5.5 TC1766 TC1766 Boot
MED17.5.20 TC1766 Boot
MED17.5.2 TC1767 Boot
MED17.5.1 TC1796 Boot
MED17.5 TC1766 Boot
MED17.4.4 TC1793 Boot
MED17.4.2 TC1797 TC1797 Boot
MED17.4.2 TC1767 TC1767 Boot
MED17.4 TC1796 TC1796 Boot
MED17.4 TC1767 TC1767 Boot
MED17.4 TC1766 TC1766 Boot
MED17.3.5 TC1793 Boot
MED17.3.4 TC1797 Boot
MED17.3.3 TC1793 Boot
MED17.3.1 TC1766 Boot
MED17.2.2 TC1797 Boot
MED17.2 TC1796 TC1766 Boot
MED17.2 TC1766 TC1766 Boot
MED17.1.62 TC1793S Boot
MED17.1.61 TC1793S Boot
MED17.1.6 TC1797 Boot
MED17.1.27 TC1793S Boot
MED17.1.21 TC1793 Boot
MED17.1.12 TC1793S Boot
MED17.1.11 TC1797 Boot
MED17.1.10 TC1793 Boot
MED17.1.1 TC1797 TC1797 Boot
MED17.1.1 TC1796 TC1796 Boot
MED17.1 TC1796 TC1796 Boot
MED17.0.1 TC1767 Boot
MED17.0 TC1767 Boot
ME17.U.6 TC1767 Boot
ME17.9.74 TC1766 Boot
ME17.9.71 TC1724F Boot
ME17.9.7 TC1766 Boot
ME17.9.64 TC1724N Boot
ME17.9.61 TC1724N Boot
ME17.9.6 TC1767 Boot
ME17.9.56 TC1782F_320 Boot
ME17.9.55 TC1724N Boot
ME17.9.51 TC1766 Boot
ME17.9.5 TC1766 Boot
ME17.9.23 TC1724F Boot
ME17.9.21.1 TC1724F Boot
ME17.9.21 TC1724F Boot
ME17.9.11.1 TC1766 Boot
ME17.9.11 TC1766 Boot
ME17.8.8 HW2 TC1728 Boot
ME17.8.8 TC1767 Boot
ME17.8.8 TC1728 Boot
ME17.8.5 TC1766 Boot
ME17.8.42 TC1766 Boot
ME17.8.33 TC1797 Boot


FormulaFLash ECU & TCU Chip Tuning Tool:




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