Xprog 5.51 software download: free, cracked, tested!

Here is the xprog 5.51 software download for anyone who needs.


Xprog 5.51 link 1: (credits to marmaro)


Xprog 5.51 download free:



Success! Used a cheap USB-ASP along with khazama and the hex files provided by

After you have your connections all done.
Step 1 – Configure Khazama by going to >Commands>>Programming Options and set like in picture.
Step 2 – Set Fuse and Lock bits like in my picture but do not write them. Just set them and then close the window by the X
Step 3 – Load the HEX files marmaro converted. Atemga~1 to “F” (flash) and EEP to “E” (eeprom). The F & E button on top left. Then click AUTO PROGRAM.

Also if you get the error I was getting just ignore it.

Once done remove your connections. Hook Xprog to PC (COM1). Run LA’s 5.51 software. Verify in options your software is also set on com1. Then hit the UPDATE button.



Xprog 5.51 link 2: (credits to narkeleptk)


Free download Xprog 5.51 SW by LuisAndrehttps://mega.nz/#!e8tU2LSK!F_bPyruBIyFcNuW1x97i4-DtEG4jTVtQgkND16ceCAs  pre-converted hex fileshttps://mega.nz/#!C49XxICQ!dji9BsRtaiTLqvMBJ1GIXk3GbajaczmrDdxLfij03b4



Xprog 5.51 link 3: (credits to LuisAndre)


Xprog 5.51 download:


This is xprogdestop version 5.5.1 with atmega flash and eeprom.
To use this software, adobe flash reader 10 or higher must be installed.
On the rar, you can find a text file with the instructions.
If you had errors when open v5.51 crac… software, make these:

First install original software v5.51 or higher
Execute the original software without xprog hardware attached.
Close the software and then execute crac… software with xprog and the errors will gone, tested by me.
The acrobat reader must be only v10, if higher, dont work, for stop adobe acrobat reader update you can use a program called
UpdateFreezer_1.9.127.exe or other.



Xprog 5.51 link 4: (credits to laz79)


Free download xprog 5.5.1 software on Mega:



Here you go:
1. Only use Adobe Reader that comes with the download (never update)
2. Switch off internet when installing and using XPROG (preferably install on laptop with no internet active)
3. Install on XP – works better
4. Insert registry file into registry
5. After install, open software and click ‘update’



Xprog 5.51 link 5: (credits to obdexpress.co.uk)


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IMPORTANT Note: xprog software from obdexpress.co.uk are all tested, 100% working no issues!


The final tip: how-to’s of Xprog installation

How to install Xprog 5.70 Windows 7 32bit:



How to install xprog 5.60 software:



How to install Xprog 5.51:



For more xprog installation issues, free and easy to http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/

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