Digimaster III D3 mileage programmer Update To V 1.8.1612.45

Digimaster 3 Digimaster III D3 Odometer Correction Master Newest Version:1.8.1612.45  New added car model for Airbad resetting: 1.Tayota 89170-02F30 95160 2.Honda CRV-77960-TOA-H920-M4 95640 3.Ford 7S7T-14B056-BB(V2) 95160 New added Benz model list: 1.A Class               OBD-IR Mode   Continue Reading →

How To Change Audi Q5 2010 KM with OBDSTAR X300 Prog3

Here has a tutorial on chang Audi Q5 2010 odometer mileage with OBDSTAR X300 PROG3 via OBD2. Video:   Vehicle: Audi Q5 2010 Device Use: OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Mileage Adjustment Procedure: The current mileage is 150000 km. Choose “Function Selection” →“ABS brakes exhaust” →“Mileage Adju Continue Reading →

Ajusting BMW Mileage odometer ,Xprog Or R270/260?

I’m often reading about Xprog, R260 and R270. Whats the deal about these tools? I tried so search and read about these tools but this confused me. Can someone explain me short and effective the difference and pros/cons about these tools? Maybe this could be a good sticky for new users. My g Continue Reading →

How to change mileage on Skoda Yeti 2012 by Carprog v8.21

This is my experience about use Carprog v8.21 clone to do odometer correction on Skoda Yeti 2012 with nec&24c64 . Let’s enjoy! Tool preparation: CARPROG FULL V8.21( CARPROG FULL V9.31 is OK too) Vehicle Model: Skoda Yeti 2012 Dashboard: nec&24c64 First Connect carprog with a Continue Reading →

Step Guide about FVDI mercedes benz w221 odometer correction

How to use 2016 V7.0 FVDI2 Commander For Mercedes Benz Smart Maybach Multi-language to odometer correction mercedes benz?This is a long post in order to make a detail instruction. Operating system: Windows XP only Backup important files Open Special Function “CGW (ZGW) Explorer” to read t Continue Reading →

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