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MINI DSG Reader DQ200+DQ250 Installation guide

March 2, 2016 sales 0

MINI DSG reader is used to read and write latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox data for AUDI and VW.Here is the detail software installation instruction. Note: Software needs activation before use. When you open the software, you will find a ID, send this ID and your order number to Continue Reading →

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2014.06 MINI DSG reader (DQ200+DQ250) for VW/AUDI

February 19, 2016 sales 0

2014 MINI DSG reader (DQ200+DQ250) is dedicated to read and write VW AUDI latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox data and it is currently the empty non-original equipment. Version :2014.06 Supported Language:English Only It is used for AUDI and VW new cars Operating System Requirement:WIN XP System Updat Continue Reading →

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February 16, 2016 sales 0

AUTOPHIX VAG 007 is a super scanner for detecting the Volkswagen Series and OBD II vehicles,It supports not only the KWP, TP-CAN and New UDS protocols, but also all OBD II protocols,It is small, light, handy and versatile, it gets data quickly. Top 6 Reasons to Get VAG007: 1. Delicate and Portab Continue Reading →

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ELSAWIN 5.2 Audi 2015.05 Torrent Free Download

January 27, 2016 sales 0

This is about Electronic Service Information ELSAWIN 5.2 Audi- 2015.05, including torrent free download, software display and installation guide. Free download ELSA 5.2 Audi – 05.2015!5xdXiS7T!uuD8WPbCz35w7n3nybvW39JfNod-FOhUX-pVqSQZI40   Lang Continue Reading →

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How to install Multidiag Pro 2014.3V software

September 22, 2015 sales 0

Bluetooth MultiDiag Pro+ diagnostic interface for cars, truck and OBD2 software has newly updated to 2014.3V. Here is the step-by-step software installation guide. Software version:014.3V Operating system: Win XP (Most), Win 7 and Win 8 Hardware: Bluetooth Multidiag Pro with SN:100251 (Item No S Continue Reading →