Autoboss V30 Software Update Subscription Renewal – Step by step instruction

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Step by step instruction on Autoboss V30 Software

pdate Subscription Renewal
1. Login
Please ensure you have latest Update Client
Open update client from desktop shortcutautoboss-v30-update-client-01and input your Serial Number and
Password.After clicking [Ok], one of the following three cases will appear.
1)If your account is valid, you will be taken to the download screen.
2)If your account is due to expire within the next 30 days, the message shown below will
pop up to show the expiry date and reminder of renewal.Click [OK] to proceed to the download page.
3)If your account has expired, the message shown below will pop up to show the expiry
information.Click [OK] to proceed to the download page.
2. Download
If your account is expired, you will not be able to download Diagnostic software versions
released after the expiry date.
3. Renewal
Click [Renewal setting], the message shown below will pop up.
Please input the Card Number and Security code from the Security Card to renew your
software subscription.
Click [OK] to proceed.