(Tested) Opcom sw 120309a fw V1.45 with PIC18F458 Chip feedback

I came across one thread where all the real users communicate Opcom sw 120309a fw V1.45 with PIC18F458 Chip, I find it very useful, therefore I want to collect them in one post.

This post mainly includes 6 parts as follows:
(Tested) Opcom sw 120309a fw V1.45 working car model
(Tested)Opcom OS required
Steps to update from old firmware version to V145
Opcom interface V1.45 Cons and solution
Advice on how Opcom work a version with another fw
Two more FAQs

(Tested) Opcom sw 120309a fw V1.45 working car model:
1)I did a quick test on Astra J 2013 year and it worked well. Connection to all modules. In some of them there are only error reading but anyway it is a big progress since the 2010 version and a light at the and of a tunnel for future updates.
2)I try on astra-h working good firmware 1.45
3)Vectra B 2.0 dtl. All work.
4)corsa c z10 work ok
5)opel vivaro 2002 1.9dti work
6)work fine with Astra 2012, 2.0 diesel
7)opel vectra c 2004 all ok.
8)Woks Ok for me in all modules ,the program update firmware but all is ok
i made a diagnose on all controlers of a corsa c 2001 z10 xe. And work fine.
9)Tested on Vectra b and it’s working like a charm.

(Tested)Opcom OS required: it works perfect in running win7 64bit

Steps to update from old firmware version to V145:
Works like charm!
Run drivers
Connect interface
Start op-com.exe
Connect interface to car or +12v on obd interface
Go to diagnostics and click on a car and a unit then the program update Opcom interface to 1.45.

Plenty new features:
Opcom Device with new firmware works without problems with old software (8.2010), let alone 120309a.

Opcom interface V1.45 Cons and solution:
(PS: It’s only tested by one user.) Every tool has its Cons, Opcom interface V1.45 is not an exception, and this version has a few glitches. Data logging or any attempt to write to file crashes the software:
time display of graphs is mostly useless since most of the parameters are unavailable (something about a beta version).
Few glitches with measuring blocks: sometimes fields are empty, going back to main menu usually fixes it.
Data logs format has changed since 8.2010.

Advice on how Opcom work a version with another fw?

If you want to work with older versions..like china 2010, 09xxxx, etc, make downgrade to 1.39…
for 120309 upgrade to 1.45.
I don’t know how work a version with another fw…can be a disaster for a model car..

The version is “marriage” with firmware..

Because fw is a little programm, like a driver.

If in 1.39 instructions are : read errors, do something…and in 1.45 is read errors, do something1… the two rutines something and something1..will do different opperations.. in fact a newer fw is not only a “optimized fw”, is a “newer fw”…more functions can be rewrited, modified, not only optimized..

Two more FAQs:
1)Where can I find 1.45 fw?
Answer: give power to your interface (12v), run software, make any test (try connecting to any module no matter if any car is diagnosed – powered interface it’s enough), the software will update the firmware for you and restart after that.

2) I need help with opcom 120309a
I install software to c: /, all OK
But when I start program OPcom it asking for activation code!!!!

Answer: problem solved!!!!!!
Re-install driver USB-OPCOM V-2, update to 1.45
Now full working, all controllers , ECM, Airbag, ABS, instrument panel, all.