Ford VCM2 IDS learn PRV SCV for Transit MK7 steps

What the steps to learn a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) and SCV (Speed Compensated Volume) on a Ford Transit MK7 FWD van using Ford VCM2 IDS diagnostic & programming system when normally replaced? Check out the instruction below.

Tools needed:
A new PRV and washer
A new SCV and seals
A basic socket set and Allen keys
Ford VMCII diagnostic tool with IDS software

Step 1: Change a PRV and SCV
Check the google docs file below. There’s the step-by-step guide on changing a PRV and SCV on MK7.
If you have not problem on replacing these, then skip to Step 2.

Step 2: PRV SCV pump pilot learn with IDS
After replace the PRV and SCV, start programming.
Well loaded VCM2 IDS v86/v91/v96 software on a delicate Win XP laptop.
Connect VCMII system with vehicle via OBD socket.

Now crank the van over until it starts, it might take a few turns to get going, mine only took about 10-15 seconds and fired up. Let it stabilize and the switch off.

Now it will need checked for any leaks first, if it’s ok then it’s time to get the diagnostics our and perform a pump learn first and then an injector learn.

Then reset the learned values and counters.

Select Programming icon in IDS
Select Powertrain control unit
Select Service Function->PCM
Select Fuel Injection Pump Learn and the follow IDS prompts
VCM II IDS will guide you through the process of the learns.
Wait the procedure is done. Clear restored DTCs and exit the IDS software.