GM MDI meet “not connected to MDI” error and Solution

Best Quality MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface for GM is made up by original chips, With GDS2 diagnostic system, it supports online programming, wireless communication and so on,GM MDI is more better for cars after 2009. For old cars, you can choose GM TECH 2.

Attention: DO NOT UPDATE the software online.

Multi-language: English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and so on. Total 30 languages to choose. For detailed language, please see the software screen shot

Free download:
Video for how to set up the Global TIS MDI online and offline programming:

GM MDI original chip and PCB Board display and cable connection instruction.

How to refrech the firmware:
When you set everything ready and connect GM MDI to your PC and meet “not connected to MDI” error, please follow this way to solve:

a, Press this button and connect the power
b, Keep press this button and connect it to power, the power light will be on, wait about 10 seconds.
c, When all light is on, then you can release the button, and it will enter firmware refresh status
d, Connect GM MDI with your PC via USB cable, prepare to refresh the firmware
e, Open ‘GM MDI Manager’, choose “Recover”
Here is the GM MDI software refresh video