JMD Assistant OBD Adapter & Handy baby Program VAG 4TH IMMO Easily

This is a good news to those who have owned Handy baby car key copier! It will be able to program VAG 4TH immobilizer key by using Handy Baby + JMD Assistant OBD Adapter.


JMD Assistant is an OBD model to help Handy Baby to read out key data from Volkswagen cars, and you should update Handy Baby to at least version 8.0.0.


JMD Assistant reads data from Volkswagen cars only and won ‘t write any data to cars, even in all key lost , so it won ‘t be locked when the car connect to the server in 4S. HandyBaby reads data from JMD Assistant with RF, and it no needs any cables or computer during your work.



How to clone a new key with Handy baby when you have a original key?

Step1: Insert the original key and turn ignition on


Step2: Insert JMD Assistant to vehicle OBD port



*If indicator on the dashboard spangled or re-light, it is common phenomenon, don’t worried.

*After finishing that, you could listen beeper short “BiBiBi” by OBD, that was OK and could go to next step

*if you could listen beeper long “Biiiii~~” by OBD, that mean it can’t be cloned and you need to update Handy Baby

Step3: Come to Handy baby Operation screen, choose “More-fun”


Step4: choose Volkswagen


Step5: Assistant read


Step6: choose “OK TO READ” and press OK button


Step7: Read success by OBD data


Step8: Insert the original key and press OK button


Step9: Read success by key data


Step10: put in JMD48 chip and press OK


Copy success! If you don’t want to program another one, press Left arrow to go back



How to clone a new key with Handy baby when all key lost?

Just following step1 to step5 mentioned above, and go to step6 below:

Step6: After JMD assistant read OK, choose “OK TO READ(ALL KEY LOST)” and press OK button


Step7: Copy by JMD48 chip


Step8: Put in JMD48 chip in the slot and press OK


Copy success! If you don’t want to program another one, press Left arrow to go back


Note: If you fail in reading data, you should make sure you have follow the steps above and check your car model is supported.


How to update JMD Assistant to newest version?

Connect JMD Assistant to computer with USB cable, then open JMD Client software, click”UPDATES” -> “JMD Assistant update”, then wait it until update finished.



Support car list(only for cloning)


Note: some cars are not supported in the next half year of 2015 in the list, and blade shape remote key are not supported too.


Support car list (For all key lost)


More vehicles will be added in the future, keep your eyes on the latest version!


How to Charge?
Please charge with 5V/1A, you can charge with computer or power supply unit of smart phone, when charge the indicator turns red, when fully charged it turns green.


Questions and Answers:

Q: The dashboard off and cannot light up again.

A: For the wrong operations and other reasons, the dashboard can’t light up again, please pull out JMD Assistant and insert key and twist to II again, or cut off the battery and link back again.


Q: Illegal key to start and cause the car enter safe state.

A: Insert a legal key and light the dashboard, and wait until the car get out safe state.


Q: The car cannot start with legal key.

A: The battery is in low power.


Q: After operate with JMD Assistant, there are fault codes.

A: You can erase fault codes with OBD diagnosis device, if can’t, drive the car for a distance, it will be erased.


Q: There is a wrong sound from JMD Assistant.

A: Check the car if support or not, and make sure your JMD Assistant in the latest version, if so, try again. For fail again, contact us and send us the codes, car model and year.