How to Relearn new TPMS Chevy Avalanche 2011 with EL-50448

For GM vehicles equipped with a 315 or 433 MHz Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system, a “Sensor Re-Learn Procedure” must be performed after Tire Pressure Sensor replacement. With EL-50448 OEC-T5 you can DIY do all TPMS relearn instead of paying for car dealer!


EL-50448 TPMS Relearn Tool for Gm Series Vehicle–€47.5+free shipping



You can use the following methods to read the tire pressure sensor after replacing a tire or wheel speed sensor:

Step 1 – Enter leaning mode

-Set the gearshift lever to “P”

-Put the ignition switch to “ON”

-Enter the interface of tire pressure display by DIC

-DIC shows “Press Set / Ctrl to re-learn”

-Press “Set / Ctrl”

-The turn signal is lighted for 3 seconds and the horn beep sound twice to enter the learning mode


Step 2 – Read tire pressure sensor information

-Start from the front-left wheel,

-Make the EL-50448 antenna up against the valve core position & close to the rim of the tire sidewall

-El-50448 tire pressure tool starts by the start switch

-Successful to read the tire pressure sensor information when the horn bleeps once


Step 3 – Same method to read other tire pressure information

-Follow the instuction above to read tire pussure of the front-right, rear-right, rear-left wheels.

-Turn signals is lighted for 3 seconds and the horn bleeps twice when the learning is complete.


Give an example: Learning new TPMS for 2011 Chevy Avalanche using EL-50448

Tire PSI won’t show the value on dashboard, because car TPMS system will not automatically recognize after change new Sensor.


Set the gearshift lever to “P”

Turn on the ignition

Roll down car window

Press to enter learning mode




Get out of car and close Door, Let’s start with the left front wheel, Hold EL-50448 TPMS reset tool close to the valve stem.


Then front-right wheel


Rear-right wheel


Rear-left wheel


Open the door and go inside the car

You will find the Tires PSI are displayed on dashboard




This is just an example, El-50448 OEC-T5 support GM models from 2010~2014, welcome to check detailed vehicle list here: