Opel Opcom HQ clone vs. GM MDI vs. Tech 2 clone

For Opel diagnosis & programming, Opcom HQ clone, GM MDI interface, Tech 2 clone, which is the best solution?



need a tool+software for newest opel cars as Astra k, Corsa E Adam etc



– Opcom HQ clone for usually using with last opcom 150406b is good but not good coverage in this moment for all this new models. And the china clone with old opcom 12309a is only good for pre 2014 cars diagnosis.

A opcom hq clone is less then 100€ and its only Revision B

You need at least Revision C or a D that cover CH-CAN
A Revision C HQ clone could be 100€ but a HQ clone Revision B is less


– In my opinion as a backup you must have of this but to have 100% coverage in all this car you need a GM MDI.

GM MDI genuine one is 800€; second hand and a clone is less

Even GM MDI clone can program ecu online for new cars.


Tech2win and GDS2 with the 2013 package.
Official subscription is 120€/year ( unofficial is less and for more than a year ).
Tech2 win subcription you can find for free
For online SPSP Programming you can buy official subscription for one hour or a day. Its chap enough (no offline solution after 2007)



In summary,

Opcom china: diagnosis for pre 2014 models
GM MDI clone: online programming for new cars

Tech 2 clone: Tech2win and GDS2 2013, programming for pre 2007 cars



opcom can do most things for Opel/Vauxhall and is the cheapest option there’s tech 2 but very expensive all depends on your budget etc

I have personally programmed new keys to corsa c astra h etc all with opcom and never had a problem.

Carprog is another good 1 for reading ecu security pins.
Good luck!

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