How To Use BDM Frame With 4 Probes for Ktag Kess Fgtech








What is a BDM frame:

It’s used to update/flash ECUs, writeECM modified and programProbe holder/Dimsport aids.

The frame can work with ECM Chip Tuning Tools such as KESS, KTAG, FGTECH, BDM 100, KTM100, CMD, DIMSPORT AIDS…

Src: -frame-cmd-BDM 100-fgtech-kess-ktag.html


BDM frame with adapters set:

This set includes: aluminum alloy support pair, acrylic sheet (LED lamp and interface),BDM probes 4, wire 4


ktag-bdm-frame-led-2 ktag-bdm-frame-led-3

How to use the BDM frame aluminium:

Insert the probe to connect the BOOT on the ECU board and CNF1, the legend for the public MED17.5.2 computer board.



Applicable to open the ECU, to avoid welding jumper. In the acrylic board with LED light bar, help the case of poor light to see the hole of the board.


Jumper for the plug-in, to reduce the trouble of welding the connection, easy to connect, and can be more than a series.


LED power situation, the whole board can see clearly. LED power supply with ECU equipment with 12V power supply, connect the probe, you can disconnect the power supply, to the equipment for the


The new LED light bar interface is fixed on the acrylic plate, for the straight type.


Add a LED light to facilitate the case of poor light to see the computer board, the picture on the LED lights may be updated at any time, only for more practical.


The tip of the probe is specially designed and scalable.



How does the BDM frame work with ECU programmers:

Here, how to work with Ktag 7.020: