How To Update OPCOM Op-com Firmware 1.60 1.59 1.45 1.39

Here’s the OPCOM firmware update user manual. The op-com software version use one or other firmware version as fw 1.33, fw 1.39, fw 1.41, fw 1.43, fw 1.44 fw 1.45, fw 1.47 fw 1.59 fw 1.60 ( the last one ).


OPCOM firmware introduction:
OP-COM China clone ( op-com 100219a ) from 2009 use fw 1.39 – do not use other firmware


OP-COM software from 2011 use fw1.44


OP-COM software from 2012 used fw 1.45 and the software released at the end of that year used fw1.47


OP-COm software from 2014 used fw1.59 (fw 1.45 & 1.59 come with the same pcb)


VAUX-COm version, Romanian and German version of OP-COM used fw1.60


So the difference it is not in the firmware as 1.44, 1.45, the difference it is in the software version



– With other words if you have an op-com tool that it has firmware 1.39 and you’ll try to use it

– with for instance OP-COM 131223c English version the software will upgrade the firmware of your interface to the version that its need- to 1.59

– If then you try one of the version in Romanian/ German or vaux-com version 131223 the software will upgrade the firmware of the tool to the fw 1.60


So now in conclusion. You do not need to change the firmware of your tool with one or other. You only need to use the necessary firmware for the software version that you are using it.

OPCOM firmware update:
changing (upgrade or downgrade) firmware version in op-com chinese clone is at risk – you’ll damage the tool and it will not work anymore


The only way to change Opcom firmware is


to replace the MCU with a original Microchip PIC18F458
remove 2 component from PCB
Remake a connection on bord and cut another one
Then reprogram the new brand chip PIC18F458 and you can have a brand new clone that will be available to upgrade the firmware of the interface

– The firmware must be the one that it is required by the software version
– Do not use other one because will not 100% correct
– A normal clone not model cannot works with the Model software that works with as we named HQ clone
– This not depend on the ept or firmware and depend on the FTDI ID and PIC dump. All it is about a marriaged dump of PIC MCU with the FTDI ID – a uniq combination

– firmware 1.59 and 1.60 update is most populous:

 Fw 1.59 update guide

 Fw 1.60 update guide


Good luck


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