Mini VCI+Techstream Program TPMS to 2004 Lexus

Mini VCI review:


So some caveats but not enough for me to not be blown away at how awesome this is. First mine from this seller ( came with Techstream V12 which is not the newest version at this time, but was fine for me for a 2004 Lexus, and probably covers at least through 2016 or so.

I needed to program TPMS, I have a $1000 (when new) OTC Genisys that I use for diagnosis on all my rigs, but it has limited bi-directional capability for Toyota and would NOT do TPMS. Figured after surfing forums this was smart to try for a whopping $22. Now I went in knowing getting it to run on 64 bit machines is tricky, and I didn’t want to try, I’m not that smart anymore. Fortunately I have 2 old laptops that never touch the internet a Lenovo X220 with Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit and a crappy old Acer Aspire with 7 Starter 32 bit. I put it on both but would note, the Atom based machine is just sufficient speed wise unfortunately for me it had the better battery of my choices.

Anyway cable and software came Prime in 1 to my location, even though I had gone 8 days shipping!!! Now both my laptops had no CD, so copied onto a USB drive. Installed per online blog instructions. Unlike some past users note my mini-CD had only the one version V12.10.017Techstream on the disc.

!!! Here is one of the caveats, on one of my machines the Avast was still new enough to pick up MALLWARE in the MVCI Firmware Update Tool. !!!

So actually on install, I just DIDN’T RUN IT and then when the install worked deleted that file!!! Worked just fine.

I had to do absolutely nothing on either machine other than click the two install files ( Techstream first, then the MVCI device driver) and change the TISFunction flag to 0 in the .ini file as instructed in the cryptic help file. Followed online blog instructions with the exception of not running the mallware ridden file and not messing with COM settings which some instructions mention. Again for me it was as easy as click on 1 file, edit .ini file, click on driver file, plug in cable, run program.

So another of the caveats, whatever they have done to hack this makes things a bit flakey on mine at least. Every time you enter another ECU it gives an error saying it didn’t work but to “try again and it might” and sure enough it does just fine. You can do anything a dealer can do with Techstream, look at any data, program any dealer programmable parameter, and most importantly for me change TPMS codes and key codes all for the $21 this cost. Would I burn a new ECU software update with this, no not me, not enough guts, but for the rest, AWESOME.

Just TOTALLY AMAZING to say it again.

Included a screenshot from updating the TPMS IDs, simply AMAZING no dealer, no kludge “swap tool” that doesn’t work reliably, just enter em like a dealer.