Autel MD808 vs. Launch CRP129: Autel wins!

A quick look of the Autel MaxiDAS MD808 capabilities

Testing on a 2016 Corolla


Note: not sponsored or affiliated with Autel anyway


Boot up quickly, for 4 seconds around

autel-md808-testing-1 autel-md808-testing-2 autel-md808-testing-3

Enter generic OBDII (check Engine symbol)

Connect in generic mode – fast


Read codes: stored codes, pending codes, permanent codes

autel-md808-testing-5 autel-md808-testing-6


Enter live data – PID loading quickly

autel-md808-testing-7 autel-md808-testing-8 autel-md808-testing-9 autel-md808-testing-10 autel-md808-testing-11

Using the custom list to graph some live data


Short term fuel trim and RPM should work for this test


Maximum graphs allowed is only 2 at a time


autel-md808-testing-14 autel-md808-testing-15

There is also no amplitude adjustment for the graphs



At least the graphs has a quick response time

A combined graph

Have to edit the contrast because it is difficult to see


Personally would not recommend using the merged graphs because it’s not easy to see and keep track

I guess, in some occasion, having a merged graph is better than none


Enter on-board monitor test (mode 6)




Looks like the monitor id’s are translated

Non-translated id’s will show up in HEX like ($01)


Mis-fire monitor data

autel-md808-testing-22 autel-md808-testing-23 autel-md808-testing-24

Purge flow monitor


Looks like not all test id’s are translated

Non-translated id’s can make some diagnosis difficult


Also not all the test id’s applies to this vehicle

Here’s an example of translated id’s of the same car from my another scanner

autel-md808-testing-27 autel-md808-testing-28

Exit the main menu


On to the enhanced portion of Autel MD808 (the one that reads Scan)


autel-md808-testing-29 autel-md808-testing-30 autel-md808-testing-31

Here is the major downside of this scanner

There’s no auto id

autel-md808-testing-32 autel-md808-testing-33

The scanner is updated, but for some reason, the latest is the year 2014 (the vehicle is a 2016)


Good luck on knowing the engine


All vehicle information


Auto scan


Since the scanner is a regular MD808, it will show Engine, Trans, ABS and SRS only

If someone here is looking for MD808 for full-system diagnostic, you can go to


Enter ECU and read live data

autel-md808-testing-39 autel-md808-testing-40

The data list seems to be mixed around where some can be graphed and some cannot

autel-md808-testing-41 autel-md808-testing-42

But there seems to be a bit of second lag when existing the control unit


I give this Autel MD808 a 3.9 Star as a first impression because it could be better for its price. (Rating may change after further testing)


At least compared to the Launch crp129 I used in the past, the MD808 is the clear winner.