Why I prefer AUTEL MaxiSys Elite to Snap On scanners, verus & MS908P?

Many users feedback they prefer AUTEL MaxiSys Elite to Ford IDS, Snap On’s scanners, verus & MS908P. Here we go to read what they say.


  1. Being a 30-years Ford Master Technician, I prefer AUTEL MaxiSys Elite to VCM IDS. I never once have I had an issue with the Blue Tooth connection between the scanner and the VCM unlike what we use at Ford. Programs keys perfectly, bi-directional controls work flawless and is very fast processing of live data….WAY faster than Snap On Versus and the software especially for Ford is almost identical to Fords software with the IDS we use at the dealership…I actually prefer my Autel over the IDS now.


Power charge and update: The scanner can be charged with the charge cable or you can plug the charge cable into the stand and then simply set the scanner in and out of the stand as needed and it stays charged when docked between uses. I have it set up on my shops WiFi and it lets me know when there are updates and they update often which I also like.

The same as Snap On’s scanners: The scanner can also be used as a tablet, has great resolution and does everything Snap On’s scanners do for a fraction of the price!


Wide coverage with every adapters:  AUTEL MaxiSys Elite is a nice heavy unit, not cheap and doesn’t feel cheap in your hands, comes with about every adapter you could ever need foreign and domestic for PCM hook up and can be easily expanded for oscilloscope and other options.


  1. AUTEL MaxiSys Elite compares with verus:

I could do everything the verus can do and more since it comes with the passthrough, performs bi directional tests even turn on the wippers or honk the horn. Every test imaginable can be made with the maxisys pro or elite for 1/3 of the price of a new verus. Only real downside is that you have a troubleshooter in the verus scanner and with the autel you have a forum where you post every problem or doubt and other members of the autel comunity will help and give you solutions to your problems. Not a big problem but easily resolved with mitchell or all data.


Ive had a maxisys pro since it can out it has performed flawlessly , perfect. I own a small repair shop ranging from american to import vehicle from gas to diesel (ford powerstroke & dodge cummins) and have never had problems.


  1. AUTEL MaxiSys Elite compares with MaxiSYS Elite MS908P

In all my 12 years as a tech I’ve used different scan tools and had never seen one as good as the maxisys pro and elite.


I will be posting photos of the differences between the new Elite and the Pro (which I use every day on my shop)
The screen is brighter because is retina display (much like an ipad).
The bootup process is very faster than the pro. The pro aprox 30 secs of boot up and 5-8 secs on the elite.
It has one more usb that is very useful for connecting a mouse or a keyboard.
On the outside you will see is much thinner, lighter and rubber protection (feels more like hard plastic but its rubber) on the sides not on the corners like the pro (which are real rubber).
On the top right corner there is a LED light that indicates the battery life which is great when you have the screen off. On the pro you have to turn the screen on to see battery life.
The elite come with a docking station where you can charge it or leave it out of harms way.

autel-maxisys-elite-01 autel-maxisys-elite-02 autel-maxisys-elite-compares-maxisys-ms908p-03 autel-maxisys-elite-compares-maxisys-ms908p-03 autel-maxisys-elite-compares-maxisys-ms908p-05




And more and more good feedback.

Hope this post help those who are interested in AUTEL MaxiSys Elite, but have no ideal if it is worth the money.