ktmflash ecu programmer china clone review: edc17 and checksum ok

KTMOBD and KTMFLASH china clone review: edc17 ok and checksum all ok etc, big thanks to moky test reports (from digital-kaos.co.uk/forums).

30th September, 2018:

just ordered one ktmflash, will test on some tricore ecu and send report here soon.



20th October, 2018:

As promise i received ktmflash + powerbox tested on edc17C10 and work fine with this tactrix clone.

checksum ok all ok ,read write rapid , excellent

will test GPT and dsg soon but I think will work.



Q: So your tactrix is connected to the rear of the power box?

And then to laptop via the usb?

Just use ktag pinout?

I thought edc17c10 was GPT!

A: yes tactrix connected to the rear of the power box and in front gpt and tricore cable,cable gpt and tricore ktag seems to be ok and help of dimsport or ktag yes, good box.


21st October, 2018 update:

tested on edc17cp14 R/W chk ok


Question: Did you test VAG DSG/CVT with this clone? About software: Can we install on Windows 7 without internet or doesnt matter?

Reply on 29th January, 2019:

tested on dsg and work fine (not tested by obd2) and you can use with windows 7 with no internet connexion (not tested with connexion)..

this clone work same as ori with good tactrix hardware