(Solved)China clone VCM 2 error NO VCM Found / Connected on Win10

Post gives the solution to China clone VCM 2 error “NO VCM Found / Connected” on Win10.

Here comes the issue:

I am running windows 10 x64, IDS is working great but I have a Chinese clone VCM 2, I have tried everything but it keeps giving me NO VCM Found/Connected.

Chinese clone VCM 2 error NO VCM connected


 Solution 1:Offered by a VCM 2 user@mcusys

You make sure VCM 2 Connect in VMWare ?

if you sure VCM 2 appear device manager in guest os windows 7 you can recovery firmware instruction.

1.Unplug USB VCM 2 do not connect vcm 2

2.You must start guest OS Windows 7 VMWare and wait for boot complete.

3.Then windows start-up complete you open VCM Manager application.

4.You must open cover rubber-hood near USB port on VCM 2 you see recovery button near MicroSD port.

5.you must press and hold button it and plug USB plug to VCM2 while VCM 2 booting up VCM 2 Manager appear “Recovery” you click button for update firmware vcm 2 match PC software version on VMWare Guest OS.

6.Then firmware update complete you will appear button and can connect VCM and page beep beep! to VCM 2


 Solution 2:Offernd by OBDexpress.co.uk engineer : 

Find this button in the VCM 2 main unit, and then press on it.


Connect the VCM II unit to a laptop/PC with a USB cable


Note that VCM II is only connected to the PC via a USB cable, not connected to the car via an OBD cable


Press the button until the power is connected and all the lights are lighted.


Go to the START menu, then Bosch

Open Ford VCM II Manager, then go to VCM II Update for recovery


Hope it’s helpful to you.

Good luck!