Autel maxidiag md808 pro uk: Amazon?


Autel maxidiag md808 pro Amazon, ebay or a professional UK site?


Look here:

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Price range from 180USD to 280USD.



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A little expensive.



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Autel MD808 Pro feedback from a DIYer:

As a non-professional (a DIYer), you could also consider to have one Autel MD808 Pro although there are a bunch of other OBD tools much cheaper available in the market. Especially if you are a geek like me, or are interested in knowing more about your vehicles like how they run, or just want to have peace of mind when you drive or when you need to clear a code, I think this may be the ultimate tool for you.

I used Autel MD808 to do many tests, ranging from a 10-year-old Japanese car to a 1 year old German car. It works like a charm! the 10 year old car has no fault at all 🙂 I also love the live data, which not only can be displayed as numbers, but also GRAPHS! As a geek, I really love to see these curves, and I appreciate how much effort they put to make this work so beautifully.

autel-md808-live-data-review-05 autel-md808-live-data-review-06 autel-md808-live-data-review-067 autel-md808-live-data-review-08


There is no icon displayed for TMPS, you could find TMPS under “Diagnostic”=>”2 Control Unit”=>”13 TPMS”. I was guided by the TMPS information to pump 4 tires of my vehicle to be exactly the same pressure. Couldn’t be happier to have this Autel MD808 Pro tool.






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