Benz Ecom + SD C4 = new &old Benz diagnosis and programming

As the name suggest, Benz Ecom is for newest Benz diagnosis and programming.

SD C4 is for older Benz diagnosis and programming.

Highlights: Benz Ecom package comes with one dongle, one hard disk with software, activation via the Teamviewer. with DoIP function, the speed is faster and more stable


Benz Ecom VS SD Connect C4

  1. Ecom
    Supports diagnostic software Xentry, engineering software Vediamo and super DTS Monaco, it has a than higher access right than SDC4.


Ecom supports the CAN/DoIP protocol, which can be used to diagnose and programming (brushing & writing) for the new car audio and video entertainment systems.

The Mercedes-Benz engineering database of diagnosis / coding / retrofit /flashings is using the Xentry database, so the Mercedes-Benz engineering version depends on the version of Xentry, as long as the database is new, the V4.00 version can be used on new models. compact3 can be used.
SDC4 does not support ODX documents. The latest V5.00 uses eCom to support ODX files. It is recommended to use Ecom, with DoIP function, the speed is faster and more stable.
Benz Ecom-01


  1. SD C4
    Supports the diagnostic software Xentry, DAS software diagnostics, engineering Vediamo, super DTS Monaco, Xentry and DAS Developer mode etc.

Common Name: Developing Data Engineering Edition After 2010
Version, added a lot of functional restrictions. So everyone will encounter the problem that the vehicle version is too new to enter
the control unit, or entering the control unit and cannot make any special modifications. For example: W204 /212 2012
The instrument is needed to modify the regional language configuration or open other convenient functions. With the increasing number of new car with DoIP protocol, the SDC4 has slowly failed to meet market demand.



To sum up:

BENZ eCOM DoIP Diagnostic and Programming Tool and SD C4 are a pair of good match. They can do what another one can’t do.