First Book by Moe Diatronic shows how to use Vediamo Engineer System

Vediamo Engineer System Training Book by Moe Diatronic is the first and most detailed book.

It is available for about 500usd, because Vediamo is an important software, and rarely to find user manual for it, function could replace using online Benz, search everywhere you cannot find similar with details. If you are using Benz sd connect C4 frequently, you are advised to have one this book.



Moe Diatronic Vediamo training Book content:

  1. Engineer main interface
    2. Connect with vehicle
    3. Connection protocol selection
    4. Main button function description
    5. Connection module submenu description
    6. Read and save module information
    7. Fault reading and quick clearing
    8. Code saving
    9. Control unit change code
    10. Control unit SAM data write
    11. Control unit programming
    12. Change transmission coding
    13. Installation of CLA/GLA/A/B
    14. Vediamo open GLA200 156AUX
    15. 166 Maintenance mileage change 10000KM
    16. Cancel Installed engine, max.speed limit ME97
    17. Refit 222 original factory memory seat
    18. Personalization start and stop Recall
    19. Brush 213,238 and stop memory
    20. Brush HU5S1 harman audio
    21. Add W205 Digital tire pressure
    22. Add 176 digital tire pressure
    23. Retro fitting W222 P20 Driver assistance system
    24. Retro fitting 205 222 hud(IC222)
    25. Cancel fuel evaporative emission system
    26. 212 cancel the anti-collision aid system A90
    27. GLE Gauge radio frequency
    28. additional battery fault solution for 221 meter



More details in images:

  1. Vediamo Main button function description.



  1. Read and save module information.



  1. Vediamo establish a connection with the vehicle control unit.


  1. Vediamo Code saving (Enable offline code).



vediamo is the Mercedes-Benz Super Engineer Edition Software.

It is used to modify, shield the fault codes, refresh the hidden data, code and tutorial.



Quick Test: Quickly test the entire vehicle ECU, and you can choose to edit more functions at the same time.

Variant Coding: to add VO and delete VO

ID identification: Press one click to read all module programming numbers of the entire car and save.

Complete Variant Coding: Read all ECUcoding data of the vehicle, and write it to the vehicle again, completely offline. No need to repeat the second time.


First Vediamo training Book Book by Moe Diatronic is available here: