MPPS V16 Win10 install worked for me, you need…

MPPS V16 Win10 installation is confirmed.

just extract this dll in the rar archive to your MPPS installation folder and it should work.!pUA3hSLS!UHx5Y6Ww4n62OLxND7IVqK2V20eqWqv7UA9O9DGsUo0

Please try at your own lucky.


The safest method is to install on XP

XP download link: pass:1zkboe

Uploaded by engineer


This article is available with MPPS V16.1.02 software installation on XP.


This is working software for mpps v16 china clone:


mpps v16

This is free software for mpps v16 china clone:!Q002wCSb!fNJ4qgBFKjEk-qN6QLK0v9_M803H5MJwQwbZ92gxfQo