How To Read And Write A Opel EDC16C9?

Purpose: to read and write a Opel EDC16C9 (the connection is everytime at the same position… but kess identify it as EDC16C9)


I want do make DPF/EGR Off….



  1. MPPS V16 good read in obd.


I read some 2004 – 2006 edc16c9 and all by MPPS.


mpps v16 remap Opel astra 1.9cdti with no problem:

mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-01 mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-02 mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-03 mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-04 mpps-read-and-write-a-opel-edc16c9-05


MPPS V18 clone read/write Opel Astra EDC16C9.



  1. Possible with Ktag 7.020: open ecu and read on bdm frame. work 100%.

some astra h ecu can not be read/write by obd only bdm ….. any way is ok to have bdm in case of obd write fail.



Best eu ktag with red pcb at good price:


  1. I write my Opel astra 1.9cdti edc16c9 with kess v2 for 4 times without problems.

On opel edc16 to make a dpf off 100% safe to process the file in bdm, the serial file is not usually complete.



You can browse Ksuite support car models

Search “edc16c9″ for result, shown as below.

kess-5.017-edc16c39-09 kess-5.017-edc16c39-10 kess-5.017-edc16c39-11


  1. You can also write, this way if you not open the ECU, I checked write by Galletto v54 0475
    pin out same edc16c9 -edc16c39.